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Gg's Cupcakery est. 2017
creating custom vegan cupcakes

Vegan Cupcakes at the Gilles at The Grounds in Adelaide.

Gg's Cupcakery was created in 2017 as a side hobby and has now become a successful small baking biz.

I have always been passionate about baking as well as having a sweet tooth growing up. Being a vegan in Adelaide, I found it challenging finding a delicious sweet treat so I decided to create treats for the growing vegan community.

I began my journey wholesaling to cafes around Adelaide which I continued until early 2021 when my priorities changed and I began receiving an overwhelming amount of custom orders.  Continuing to grow the business, I became interested in selling at a local market ~ The Stirling Market.

This is where I find so much joy and a sense of community ~ being able to meet my customers and talk to them directly about my products.

Now you'll find us at the Stirling Market and Gilles at the Grounds most months offering an array of mouthwatering vegan treats.


Everything is handmade by me! Gg's Cupcakery is continuing to grow and become a vegan business well known and loved in Adelaide.


I am very proud of what my small home-based business has become over the years. With the help of my family and partner, Gg's Cupcakery is a 100% vegan business, dedicated to create delicious treats to suit all dietary requirements.


My business proves that vegan food doesn't have to be bland or boring but in fact - delicious. 

Vegan Cupcakes in flavours of Pastel Rainbow and Salted Caramel
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